26. Plzeňský vytrvalec 2014 (CZE)

Знак пливачког клуба Славиа Плзен и линк на њихову страницу
26. Plzeňský vytrvalec 2014
Plzen (CZE)

Dear sport friends

let us invite You to the 26th year of the traditional international swimming meet Plzeňský vytrvalec, which will be held on the 15th – 16th March 2014.
The meeting is for swimmers in each categories from 10 years old (2004). More information about registration, rules of programme You can find in the attachment.

We are looking forward to Your participation.

Organisational team of Slavia VŠ Plzeň

Radka Šrailová
assistant of president
email: srailova@bazenslovany.cz
Ing. Tomáš Kotora
president of PK Slavia VŠ Plzeň
email: kotora@bazenslovany.cz
tel. +420737955578