36th Internationa Swim-Meeting for the “Wappenschale” of Spittal 2018 (AUT)


Dear sport friends,

you are kindly invited to participate at the traditional “36th International Swim-Meeting for the Wappenschale of Spittal (Austria)” which will take place in the indoor swimmingpool (short course) of Spittal/Drau AUSTRIA, on Saturday, 10th of March and Sunday 11th of March 2018.

In the attachment you can find the program and more informations also on our website www.sv-spittal.at

We are looking forward to welcome you in Spittal/Drau (Austria)

Liebe Sportfreunde!

Es würde uns freuen, euch bei unserem 36. Internationalen Schwimmen um die Wappenschale der Stadt Spittal/Drau am 10. und 11.März 2018 in Spittal begrüßen zu dürfen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ferdinand Kendi

SV Volksbank Spittal/Drau

КОНТАКТ / CONTACT: Ferdinand Kendi, Schaffnerstrasse 6c, A – 9800 Spittal/Drau, Tel.u.Fax: + 43 4762 42442 Verein der Stadt Spittal, Mobil: + 43 650 4244201 www.sv-spittal.at , e-mail: f.kendi@hotmail.com

МЕСТО / CITY: Spittal / Drau – Carinthia – Austria,
ДАТУМ ОДРЖАВАЊА / DATE: Saturday, 10th March and Sunday, 11th March 2018
„Drautalperle“ (indoor-pool), Am Bahndamm 14, 9800 Spittal – 25m/6 lanes – electronic timing
МЈЕРЕЊЕ / TIMING: електронско – Timing is electronic. 
једног старта – Each race will be started according to the 1-start-rule.

Субота / Saturday, 10.03.2018 Недеља / Sunday, 11.03.2018
Загревање / Warming up:  8:00 – 8:45 Загревање / Warming up: 7:45 – 8:30
Почетак такмичења/Start: 9:00 Почетак такмичења / Start: 8:45
Проглашење победника
/ Winning Ceremony
1. 100m Мјешовито / medley Ж/W 19. 50m Слободно / freestyle Ж/W
2. 100m Мјешовито / medley М/M 20. 50m Слободно / freestyle М/M
3. 50m Леђно / backstroke Ж/W 21. 200m Прсно / breaststroke Ж/W
4. 50m Леђно / backstroke М/M 22. 200m Прсно / breaststroke М/M
5. 100m Прсно / breaststroke Ж/W 23. 100m Леђно  / backstroke Ж/W
6. 100m Прсно /
breasttroke М/M
24. 100m Леђно / backstroke
7. 200m Слободно / freestyle Ж/W * AF Проглашење победника
/ Winning Ceremony
8. 200m Слободно / freestyle М/M * AF 25. 200m Делфин  / butterfly Ж/W
1 сат и 30 минута пауза
/ 90 min. pause
26. 200m Делфин / butterfly М/M
+ 30 минута за загревање
/ + 30 min. warming up
27. 50m Прсно / breaststroke Ж/W
Проглашење победника
/ Winning ceremony
28. 50m Прсно / breaststroke М/M
9. 100m “Australian final” Ж/W 29. 100m Слободно / freestyle Ж/W
10. 100m “Australian final” М/M 30. 100m Слободно / freestyle М/M
11. 100m Делфин / butterfly Ж/W  
12. 100m Делфин / butterfly М/M  
13. 200m Леђно / backstroke Ж/W
14. 200m Леђно / backstroke М/M
15. 50m Делфин / butterfly Ж/W
16. 50m Делфин / butterfly М/M
17. 200m Мјешовито / medley Ж/W
18. 200m Мјешовито / medley М/M

ПРАВИЛА /REGULATIONS: The competition will be held under the general competition rules of Verband OsterreichischerSchwimmvereine (OSV) and they are open for allassociations of FINA.
ПРИЈАВЕ / ENTRIES: should be addressed with the list of entries including names, years of birth, sex, clubs and latest best times to MSECM Austria, Martin Heger, Rappetsederweg 1, A-4040 Linz, e-mail: at.meldungen@msecm.at, Tel.: +43 660 3760565, Fax: +43 660 33 3760565, not later than Wednesday, the 2nd of March 2018.
Together with the entries a team captain or representative of the club is to be named. You can also make your entries in electronic form. If you have an entry program (Splash
Entry Editor), which could provide LENEX-Files, please download the LENEX file with the class and event definition from www.msecm.at or do the entry on www.cis-online.net.
СТАРТНИНА /ENTRY FEE: Per competition are € 6.5, (€ 5.50 for ONLINE-entry and entry on LENEX) to trensfer till 2nd of March 2018 to the following account:Schwimmverein Volksbank Spittal Volksbank Kаrnten eG Filiale Spittal Burgplatz, IBAN: AT80 4213 0417 5428 0000 BIC: VBOEATWWKLA, Or you can pay the entries in the indoor-swimming pool in Spittal before the beginning of the meeting.
РЕЗУЛТАТИ/ RESULTS: The results will be published also in LENEX after the competition. If you have a further question don`t hesitate to ask Martin Heger (events@msecm.at). If you need the results in printed version, please write italready on the entry form or by e-mail.
НАГРАДНИ ФОНД / MONEY PRIZE: The “International Swim – Meeting is endowed with € 3 000.– + € 400.– “Australian final”,
ПРАВИЛА НАГРАЂИВАЊА / GENERAL RATING: cash-prizes 1st – 6th place The emblem bowl of the town of Spittal will be given tothat swimmer who will be able to win the „International Swim-Meeting of Spittal“ for 5 times. The winner will be found out by the 1000 points table (the three best individual results).

1st place € 600.– 4th place € 150.–
2nd place € 370.– 5th place € 100.–
3rd place € 200.– 6th place € 80.–
a) 2001. and older d) 2006./2007.
b) 2002./2003. e) 2008. and younger
c) 2004./2005.

1st – 3rd place – age groups a) b) c) d) e) will get prizes of honour at the end of the competition (therefore the points of the three best individual results of each swimmer, calculated by the 1000 points table, will be added).
— Medals: 1st – 3rd place in each competition age groups a) b) c) d) e)
— Diplomas: 4th – 6th place in each competition age groups e)
Details in original proposition in: