Kranj 2012 (SLO)

Dear all,Знак пливачког клуба "Триглав" из Крања и линк на њихову матичну страницу

In the following link, we are sending you invitaion to our annual swim meet, which will be held in Kranj Notatorium Centre between 2nd (Saturday) and 3rd (Sunday) of June 2012. Competition will be held in long course meeters.  

·         Please consider that our meet is open for the following categories

Age groups
Male swimmers Female swimmers
Born 95 and older Born 97 and older
B Born 96 – 97 Born 98 – 99
Born 98 and younger Born 00 and younger

·         Please visit our Internet site for more informations:
·         Entries can be made trough lenex or trough the attached file

Kind regards,

Plavalni klub
Triglav Kranj
Partizanska 35, p.p. 180
4000 Kranj
tel: +386 4 2 365 700

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